Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8

Joel started it.

We got an e-mail yesterday at work that said we would be having a fire drill this morning. This kind of notification kind of defeats the purpose of a drill, in my opinion, but whatever. 

I walked into Joel's office at some point this morning and found him wearing a bright orange vest and holding a plastic sword and nun-chucks. I just looked at him inquisitively and cocked my head to the side.

"It's for the drill," he said. "I want to be prepared." A lot of the time, Joel is kind of like a little kid, finding ways to entertain himself when he's bored.

And thus began the process of gathering all the things we would "need" to bring along with us when the fire alarm went off. We ended up being the "most prepared" group out there, and joked that we put Chuck [Swindoll] in the suit of armor to protect him from the fire. (He is, after all, pretty important here). 

I definitely feel safe now.

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