Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10

Today was one of the best days Jack and I have had in a while. This morning, we got up and packed, then headed off to Nacogdoches, Jack's hometown, to visit his parents. Driving through Athens, we noticed a random historical marker in an empty lot and decided to stop and read it let Jack read it and tell me the summary. It's just so nice to have days when we can take our time on a road trip and enjoy each other's company.

Added bonus: the bluebonnets were completely in bloom, so it was such a beautiful drive! Glad we had decided to drive this morning instead of last night, I remarked, "I'm glad we're driving in the light-time!" Jack laughed and laughed and said he wished he had a twitter so he could tweet that. "I'm glad we're driving in the light-time too," he said.

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