Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3

Week 3

January 15, 2012 – It’s Michelle!!! This morning we had breakfast with Michelle at Hullaballoo Diner in College Station before we left, and oh my gosh, that place is amazing. The biscuits and gravy were incredible, and the pancakes were bigger than Jack’s whole hand. It was crazy good. Also great to see Michelle again!

January 16, 2012 – Our new office? Is a mess. But we’re getting there. I spent most of the day creating a system for our INSANE disorganized cables, so that’s going to be good. It will be nice to get all settled in and cleaned up… someday!

January 17, 2012 – Today after I worked at the school I went home and started cooking Jack’s favorite sausage corn chowder (SO good, especially on cold nights like tonight!) and packaging up veggies in snack-sized bags so we can just grab them. Jack was so nice to help me cook while I did that, and when I dropped a handful of cucumbers on the floor, he was super-pleased because apparently, “Cucumbers are gross and Satan likes cucumbers.” Uh. Okay.

January 18, 2012 – Tonight I made the Pioneer Woman’s “perfect pot roast” and from-scratch garlic mashed potatoes. I called it “comfort food” and Jack said “actually, it’s UNCOMFORTABLE food, because I ate so much of it that I’m really uncomfortable in these pants.”

January 19, 2012 – Tonight I Skyped with Ellyn, and got to see my godson Coen too. I really wish we lived closer but I am also so thankful for technology that lets us see each other face-to-face! Coen was totally interacting with me on Skype – it’s wild to think that a 6-month-old can smile and respond to stuff you’re saying to them from 1,000 miles away! I love it.

January 20, 2012 – Tonight, we celebrated. For lots of reasons. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Bonnie Ruth’s including some good wine, great food, and amazing dessert. I love date nights with Jack.

January 21, 2012 – Today Jack and I cleaned up our messy house, which included taking down the Christmas tree, which we had been putting off because NINE FOOT TREES ARE HARD TO PUT AWAY. We laughed so hard today though – we had the hardest time getting it taken apart.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2

Week 2

January 8, 2012 – Oh, my charming date. I love him so. Jack and I spent most of the day cleaning up the house after ignoring the squalor during our weekend Friday Night Lights marathon, and for dinner we went to our favorite little Mexican restaurant, JalapeƱos, also known in our house as “Tamales,” “Margaritas,” and “Tequila’s,” depending on which name we can remember at the moment.

January 9, 2012 – Tonight I was working late when I got a frantic call from my friend Debbie, who had lost her wallet and asked me to check if it was on her desk. It wasn’t. She called the place she had had lunch, and they didn’t have it either. I went out and walked to the restaurant she had earlier in the day just to see if it was still on the ground, and I didn’t find it there. On a whim, I decided to go into another nearby restaurant to see if somebody had turned it in there, and lo and behold, someone had! All the credit cards and money were there too – it kind of restored my faith in humanity.

January 10, 2012 – Tonight I made cupcakes for Joanna’s birthday, and the best part is that I get to take them to work in my new cupcake carrier that Jack got me for Christmas! I love it!

January 11, 2012 – Happy birthday, Joanna! We all had lunch together and put this awesome sparkler firework thing into one of the cupcakes. Unsafe? Probably. Fun? Definitely.

January 12, 2012 – My office has been packed and is ready to be moved tomorrow. It’s a little sad, actually. I really liked working in this office. It was my own little space for almost four years.

January 13, 2012 – And this is my new office! We spent the day moving our stuff over and setting up our new desks at work. It was tiring work but I do like my new little space. I have a new office roommate, Eric, and I’m excited to “room” with him because we get along so well.

January 14, 2012 – Talk about a beautiful bride! Today Jack and I went to College Station for Brynn’s wedding – she made a beautiful bride and it was fun to see some of our taekwondo friends. So happy for them!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1

Week 1

January 1, 2012 – My goodness, I love starting all my years like this.

January 2, 2012 - Today I got the TVs working with all the beautiful BoinxTV stuff I’ve been working on. There’s a news ticker, weather, announcements, tweets, and a loop of karate videos for the parents to watch while the classes are going on. The video really does look pretty cool on the screens. Bonus – after the parents figured out that if they tweet about Murphy ATA, they went CRAZY tweeting about us. It’s a fun little feature.

January 3, 2012 – This is my new view of the classes from my own computer in the Murphy ATA office. I really like it! First of all, I actually have my own space now (yesss!) and second, I can see the mirrors and therefore the whole school now.

January 4, 2012 – Thanks to GroupMe, my friends and I can be in constant communication if we want to be. And thanks to autocorrect, there is no end to hilarity in said groups. I’m so thankful for these girls.

January 5, 2012 – Today we visited the new building in an effort to plan out our audio/video set up for live events in the theater. We found this crawl space in the corner of the theater, so of course I climbed in (nearly tearing my favorite jeans and getting super-dirty). I have a fun job.

January 6, 2012 – Heaven help us all. I learned how to make Spicy Barbeque Whiskey sliders (a la The Pioneer Woman). And they. Were. AMAZING. In other news, we have started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and we are completely addicted. We’ve been staying up all night every night watching “just one more episode.” This weekend rocks.

January 7, 2012 – Tonight Jack and I went to Macaroni Grill with the Barnes family to celebrate Kimi’s birthday. They had quite the time drawing on the tables together.