Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19

We LOVE Sundays! Today Jack and I had a TON of fun together doing mundane things, like grocery store-hopping to use my weekly coupons after church.

This blurry picture was taken as Jack and I were laughing until we couldn't breathe in the middle of Albertson's. Jack had just hopped onto the cart and held on as I ran down the aisle, pushing him and the cart wildly like a race car (a completely inappropriate show of immaturity in a public place). As I reached the end of the aisle, I tried to slow him down, but the cart turned instead, almost running him and the cart into the huge shelf of pickles. Fortunately, we stopped in time, but I'm sure the employees of that Albertson's will not be thrilled to see us walk back through the door next time.

Sometimes, you just have to act like a kid.

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