Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7

Today, after work, my mom and I went on a 45-minute bike ride around town (we're trying to get ready for BikeMS). While we were out, we passed a Sonic Drive In. Neither of us had any money with us on the ride, so we couldn't stop then, so we headed back to Sonic in the car after we got home.

We decided to bring Tia, my parents' dog, because she absolutely loves Sonic corn dogs. I've been taking her to Sonic since I was in high school and first started driving. When she was younger you could just say "Sonic" and she would go nuts. When we would pull up she would whine, jump around, and go crazy every time a car-hop would walk by. This time, it was a little harder to get her excited about it, since she's deaf (and therefore couldn't hear us offer her a "ride in the car" or "corn dog at Sonic"). We actually had to pick her up and put her in the car because the dumb dog couldn't figure out what we wanted. However, when we arrived at Sonic, she started shaking and seemed pretty excited about her corn dog. Some things never change.

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