Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4

First of all, today marks 4 years without Colin Joseph Zeitler. It seems like just yesterday that he showed us how to pray and how to fight with his powerful little life. He is remembered, loved, and missed. Always.


The first surprise of the day was the back yard. Since we took out our above ground pool a few months ago, we've had a big hole in the middle of our yard. Not pretty. This week, my parents have been redoing their own back yard, which meant a bunch of digging, which meant a bunch of extra dirt they needed to get rid of.

Supply. Demand.
We had a few of the workers head on over to our yard and they filled in the hole and moved our new/old hot tub (also inherited from my parents) into the backyard. It was a good day for our backyard!


And then, it's the moment I've been waiting for for weeks.

Jack came home from a day of classes and a tournament to find...

...a very large crowd...

...yelling "SURPRISE!"

...and he was actually surprised!!

I can't believe everybody pulled it off. I thought surely someone would ruin the surprise! But they didn't. And even better than that, his parents being there was a huge shock to him as well! How fun.

Here are a few more pictures from the evening.

Jack turning 30 means that he will be moving from the 17-29 year-old division to the 30-39 year-old division the next tournament season in taekwondo. He's actually very excited about this. This cake was also awesome because his weapon is actually a walking cane. Yep. You can do taekwondo with a cane. By the way, the lady who made this cake also made our wedding cake.

This is us learning that trick candles were a bad idea.

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