Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1

April Fools!

Today, I got to work and the door I go into said "Please Use Other Door." That door is out of use a lot since it's right next to the studio, and if somebody is recording, we try not to open and close that door and walk through that hall.

So I walked to the next one. "Please use other door" again. I almost walked to the next one, but I decided to see if my badge would work, because this one wasn't next to the studio. It did, so I rebelled and walked in quietly, still thinking somebody was recording. It's a good thing that I decided to rebel, because evidently my co-workers put them on EVERY single door.

Then, when I got to my office, my mouse wouldn't work. Stupid mac. Always breaking down and never doing what I want it to. After several minutes of moving it around and looking all confused, I picked it up and looked at the bottom. There was a note taped to the bottom, covering the sensor, that said "April Fools!" Ha.

Apparently they did that to everybody’s mouse, and my boss and the other lady who works here called IT, who came and replaced their mice.

Sharon models her handiwork for me!

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