Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 14

April 1, 2012 - Today we had lunch with TJ and the rest of the taekwondo gang before TJ had to leave town. We have such fun with that group!

April 2, 2012 - Some days, you just forget to take a picture-of-the-day until you're about to go to bed. But look, isn't he cute?

April 3, 2012 - Today we had a bunch of tornado warnings. I was working from home and Jack cancelled classes, so we were safe, but Owen was nearby at Saxby's so I made him come over to our house too. We actually had a really fun afternoon together!

April 4, 2012 - Last night (well, this morning, at 3:30 a.m.), I had just laid my head down on the pillow when my mom called and said that my sister-in-law's water had broken, so we packed in a hurry and headed to Colorado today. Her labor slowed down tonight, but it's nice to be here! We started cleaning their house today, since they only moved four days ago and they had barely had a chance to unpack.

April 5, 2012 - I woke up to this today - Ajax was literally pushing me out of bed. Funny dog. My sister-in-law's labor has basically stopped now, but we spent the day cleaning like CRAZY. Their house is really starting to look great!

April 6, 2012 - Today is Good Friday, and a great one for me, because I got to meet my nephew, Devin Jett Crawford. I am completely head-over-heels crazy for this kid. I can't wait to buy him many shiny things in an effort to become his favorite aunt.

April 7, 2012 - Today we spent all day at the hospital with Shane, Cassandra, and Devin. It was so much fun soaking up every second we could with the kid. I can't wait to come back when we have more time to stay.

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