Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26

t started with a birthday banner.

Two, actually. There were still two birthday banners up from Jack's birthday party. Yes, from a month and a half ago. Don't judge me.

But Angela was on her way, and that was really the only thing that needed to be done to have a fairly clean house, since my husband is pretty much the coolest person ever.

So I took the birthday banners down, and took them to the guest room, where we keep the wrapping paper and birthday stuff under the bed. The bed was already made (clean sheets and everything!) since, again, my husband is pretty much the coolest person ever.

I decided I'd better check to make sure the guest bathroom was still clean. I mean, I had cleaned it the night before, but you never know. And it was clean.

All this reminded me that Angela and I would be scrapbooking this weekend, and I wasn't sure if I had any 12x12 pages for my Project 365 album. So I went looking for them.

In the process, I found my honeymoon album, which still needed journaling, so I decided I would do that with Angela instead. But I decided that maybe my un-scrapped Project 365 pictures should go in a regular slip-in album so they'd all be in order and ready to scrap later. So I picked up an empty album from my bookshelf and went looking for the pictures.

Twenty minutes later, I still couldn't find the pictures. So, of course, I gave up, and took the album back to my office bookshelf.

That's when I saw the sewing machine.

My sister-in-law, who learned to sew recently and is now making all kinds of cool stuff, including dog collars, inspired me to start trying to sew again, so I thought the first step to actually doing that is setting the machine up in my office.

So I started setting up my parents' card table.

But it was ugly. So that's when I decided to cover it in fabric.

And that's how I ended up with the cute card table with the sewing machine on it. (For a tutorial on how I made it, see this post).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think there is something shiny over there I need to be distracted by.

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