Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22

We're on VACATION!

Today we drove to San Antonio for a long Memorial Day weekend away. It's supposed to take about 4 hours to drive from Dallas to San Antonio, but the way we did it, it took 8. First, we stopped at an outlet mall and shopped (I got a new purse!), then we stopped by and surprised Angela at her new apartment! It was fun to see her, and we're excited that she's coming to visit us next week too! It was nice taking our time, doing whatever we wanted, and not getting in too much of a hurry. It was a good, relaxing start to our vacation.

We were also very excited about our super-nice hotel room at the Marriott Plaza right off the Riverwalk. My dad is platinum at Marriott, so he got us onto the concierge floor in an upgraded room. It's going to be a great weekend!!

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