Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23

Today, Jack and I drove out to Wimberley, where Jack and his parents used to visit when he was little. It was a gorgeous drive with tons of rolling green hills, though the weather was less than perfect. Luckily, it rained all day in San Antonio and not Wimberley, and by the time we left there it had moved from San Antonio to Wimberley. Perfect timing!

Wimberley was lovely! It was almost like stepping out in time. The people were super-friendly and there were all kinds of interesting shops and restauruants. We shopped at a bunch of little shops, where we bought all kinds of things, from earrings to fudge, and we even did a wine tasting at a little wine shop that only sells Texas wines. This picture is Jack showing off the homemade pies we got at the Wimberly Pie Company! Yum! (My blueberry pie was perfect, but Jack's cherry pie was a little undercooked. Boo.)

It was a perfect day (until it started raining on us!) and a nice way to spend time together!

PS - Today marked 6 years together! Wow! That's a long time!

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