Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6

Today, I hard-boiled some eggs to put on a salad for dinner, but by the time I was ready to eat, the eggs weren't ready to be eaten. Instead of waiting, I just turned the stove off and left them there to finish cooking.

Later, when we were about to go to bed, Jack took his plate to the kitchen and asked me what I wanted him to do with the eggs. I asked him if he could please mark them and put them back in the fridge.

"Mark them?" he asked, confused.

"Yeah, like with a permanent marker, so I know the difference" I said.

"You can't just break them and find out?" he asked, jokingly, as he grabbed a marker and headed back into the kitchen.

It was quiet for quite a while after that, but I didn't notice because I was busy on my computer. When I finally went into the kitchen, this is what I found:

Jack and I liked the one with the curly hair and the smirk (top left) the best!!

The funniest thing about this was the way he told me about each of them and actually made the faces that the eggs were "making."

"This one has curly hair..." [shows me the curly hair] "...and this one is surprised... this one has a smirk on his face, like this" [does a funny smirk, imitating the smirking egg, making me laugh].

Also, when he put them in the egg carton, he said he was worried that they would "freak the other eggs out," and he positioned them all around the eggs that were left so they could "look" at the raw ones.

I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to break these and eat them.

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Alicia said...

That is too funny! You told him to mark them but you didnt say with what lol!!