Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21

It's AWANA day!! Today during game time, Keith announced to the kids that "even though it was 60 degrees earlier, the temperature had changed dramatically and it was now snowing!" The kids were so excited, until he told them that he was just kidding.

So we had a Texas snowball fight!! Keith gave each team stacks and stacks of (recycle) paper and had all the kids crumple them up into "snowballs." Then, he put the "snowballs" in the middle, and the game was to have as few "snowballs" as possible left in your team's part of the room. It was a really fun game! Quite a mess, but so much fun!

At the end, we picked up all the snowballs, put them back into our bag, and had a "snowman"-making contest between the teams. This is one of my girls with our "snowman!" I think we did pretty well!!

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