Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3

Okay, so I think this picture is the best "picture of the day":

But I'm also posting this one because I'm in it, and Jamie wanted to see me too. :)Today we got to hang out with my sweet little neighbor girls (who were the flower girls in my wedding) and we went on a walk to the park with Jack, Maggie, Michelle, and my parents. What a gorgeous day! Too bad tomorrow's supposed to be so cold and icky!

Jack also took down our tree/Christmas decorations today, and he thought I should post a picture of our empty floor after all his hard work:
It was cute how sad he was about taking all the Christmas decorations down today because "it's the longest amount of time before we get to put them up again." Seriously, the man turns into a 6-year-old at Christmas time.

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