Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13

Okay, so this was going to be the picture of the day today:

This is all of my work friends at lunch today - we went out to lunch together today to celebrate Joanna's birthday. I love my co-workers!!

But then...
I got a call from my buddy Brittany, a friend from both high school and college. Now that we've both graduated, we don't live near each other anymore (I'm in Dallas and she's in Houston) - so sad! When we get together, we have so much time!!

So, I once wrote this little story about traveling from College Station to Corsicana and back with this girl one night (4 hours of driving total, I think), just because we wanted Braums ice cream after dinner. You see, they don't have it south of there, so we were out of luck when it came to super-cheap, yummy ice cream in College Station. So, naturally, when Brittany came in town for the night, we decided to go to "our place," Braums! Yes, the service is awful, and yes, the stores are less than sanitary, but where else can you get a two-scoop ice cream cone for $1.79!? Nowhere, that's where.

There's another adventure story about it here, but if you're not interested in that, just know that I very much enjoyed my time with Brittany, and trust me, we definitely found some post-collegiate shenanigans to get into.

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