Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4

Lately, we've been having trouble getting the broadcast CDs that we ship out to stations to burn on the big duper (or super duper, if you will) in our Addison fulfillment center, so today, my friend and I drove up there and fixed the problem, and I got to tour our fulfillment center and warehouse, where all the Insight for Living CDs, books, and other stuff we send out come from. It was pretty cool!

This is the super duper. The arm (the white arm there in the middle) grabs a blank CD, puts it into one of the CD burners, then takes the burned CD and puts it in the printing tray (the top purple tray). When it's done printing the label, it puts the finished CDs on the "finished CD" spindle. It's really quite mesmorizing to watch.

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