Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10

Today after work, I went to "He's Just Not That into You" with Christelle and Ashley. On the way there, it was pretty rainy and dark. When I was about a block away from the theater after driving for about 20 minutes from work, a car pulled up beside me and started honking. At first I ignored him, but he kept honking so I cracked my window open a little. An older gentleman addressed me.

"You've got your lights off, sweetheart," he said, politely.


During the movie, all three of us were getting a million calls on our cell phones. Evidently, there was a tornado warning in our county and everybody was worried about us. When the movie let out, there was a torrential downpour and very high winds. Christelle needed to feed Rylan, who was at home, so she ran out in the awful weather, dropped her wallet and phone, then ran around like a lunatic looking for the back of her phone while Ashley and I stood under the overhang and laughed hysterically at her. It was quite a sight.

Thankfully, both Jack and I got home safely and there was no damage done to our neighborhood, but it made for an exciting evening.

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