Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3

My craft supplies seem to have exploded all over my living room floor.

Today, I came home and started working on my dear friend's baby shower invitations, which need to go out next week. I'm very excited about it! I'm not quite done with them yet (I still have a lot of antennae-sewing and rosy-cheek-punching to do), but I'm doing okay.

What do you think... something about the "Mommy to Bee" or "Cute as can Bee" or "The mommy to 'bee' is cute as can 'bee?'" I'll take suggestions if you've got them. :)

Updated - I just found out it will be a co-ed shower, so I need it to be not quite so cutesy... maybe something like "Isa and Jeremy's Shower. Bee there." Any ideas for that one?


Alicia said...

I like the "Mommy to Bee!"

Hey I thought about you today when I was in Target...I was going through the scrapbooking section. I think you have inspired me to do some scrapbooking! I need to do a book for my daughter.

Amanda said...

wow! those are adorable! does Maggie leave you alone as you do that? Apollo would eat everything on the floor if he had the chance! You could say something about having a little 'honey' or something if you don't like the 'baby to bee' (which is such a cute idea btw!)

Shane said...

Come to the shower, BEE-yatch!!!