Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1

Today has been unreal.

I'm not going to lie, it's pretty cool to see a lot of people get excited about something you were hoping was as exciting to others as it was to you. It's pretty cool to see influential bloggers pour their heart out to promote your cause, or incredible authors and professional scrapbookers tweet about you.

It has been less than 24 hours since I launched Survival Mode Parent, and it already has more than 1,000 hits. Even better, almost 60 people have signed up to be volunteers. When I put the locations of all the volunteers who signed up today into Google Maps, the final product took my breath away a little bit.

There are people from everywhere signing up to help others. There are people from everywhere hearing about this website, signing up, and telling their friends about it.

There are people from everywhere expecting me to match them with people from everywhere who need help. There are people from everywhere expecting this website to function as it should.

That's a lot of pressure.

But, you know, the good kind of pressure, like the kind that makes diamonds. Or something like that.

Diamonds or not, every time I think about the scope of this project, I hyperventilate a little bit.

I'm going to need somebody for every city in the whole US! Do you know how many cities that is, Mandy? And, really, I need way more than one person for big cities! What if I can't keep up with all the needs?

And oh my gosh what about a background check? How do I do that? How much does that cost? Who will pay for that? Am I going to get sued if something happens between the two parties?

And then I got an e-mail a few minutes ago from a lovely woman, asking if I had any plans on expanding the service to Canada as well.

A whole 'nother country? Um... sure! Go ahead and sign up! We can match in Canada too!

It's an interesting feeling, riding a wave of uncertainty and trusting God to provide. And judging by today's results?

He is. Um, a lot.

I needed support, and there was Ellyn. I needed a way to get the word out, and there was Facebook, Twitter, the MckForum, the Tip Junkie giveaway directory, and so many bloggers who were happy to help. I needed a way to bring people in and there was my silly little business where I could give away something that was pretty much free to me.

Oh my, what a coincidence. Oh my, how well that just happened to work out.

So the next part? The part where I lay awake at night wondering how I'm going to be able to continue to get this many volunteers every day so that there's actually a chance that Survival Mode Parent will be able to provide names of people who can help to parents?

Well, I doubt I'll have to worry too much about that part.

He seems to have it pretty well covered.

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