Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14

It was a BIG night for us. All week, I've been looking forward to Saturday's Kroger run, since they were doubling coupons up to a dollar! I know that sounds pathetic, but it gets me excited.

Tonight, Jack and I went to Sarah and Owen's for a couples party thing (it was so fun!), and then Susan and I decided to go coupon-shopping after midnight tonight (which, technically is tomorrow, but whatever), and we were there until 4 a.m.! It was ridiculous! But very fun.

I ended up getting 91 items with a retail value of $310.33. Subtotal after sales before coupons was $264.12 Total I paid after coupons = $90.79, for a savings of 71% off retail and 66% off sale prices. 91 items for 91 dollars isn't bad!!


Ashley said...

Can I hire you to do my grocery shopping?

Mandy and Jack said...

Sure!!! OOOORRR you could just come shopping with me!