Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5

I was so excited to get Ellyn's package in the mail today, because I had forgotten that I was going to get some of Seth's bracelets! This family is selling the bracelets to raise money for Seth's cochlear implants (he's Deaf and it will help him hear), and I've pretty much fallen in love with all of them, especially Ellyn. What an amazing woman.

Anyway, El had asked in a note with the bracelets that we take a picture of us or our kids with the bracelets on so someday Seth could see all the people who helped him hear. Cool idea, especially if she's going to scrapbook them (I can't say no to a scrapbook!). So I thought "gosh, I don't have kids, but wouldn't it be cute if I could get Maggie to wear one for a picture all cute-like?"

She was not cooperative.
After many attempts at this, I finally decided that I'd just get a picture when Jack got home and send that to Ellyn. When Jack got home and I explained this to him, he humored me in a "okay you crazy wife" kind of way, because he loves me. Unfortunately, I didn't really think the picture-taking process through the first time around.

Because there was nobody else here to take a picture of us, I put the camera on the mantle, set the timer, then ran across the room at Jack, who was reading a magazine in his chair. I tossed him the bracelet and said "Here! Put this on and smile!" as I basically jumped on top of him and tried to simultaneously smile and look adorable despite my mismatched outfit (the husband's ridiculously ugly gray sweat pants and the blouse I had worn to work today) and the fact that I also just cleaned the bathroom. Obviously... it did not work.

Second time around got a little bit better-planned picture, but who knew trying to get one picture could be such an adventure? It's just another day with the Hornbuckles.

To get your own Seth bracelets and try to do the crazy picture thing better than I did, visit my buddy Ellyn at

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