Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1

Today, after church, we went over to the Gibsons' house for an amazingly tasty lunch with Christelle, Jared, Rylan, and the whole rest of the family. It was really quite lovely (until I stuck my foot in my mouth by very passionately ranting about "idiots who text while driving" to my former band director, who just happens to do that himself. Oops.)

Christelle did me the distinct "honor" of introducing me to the book "Where's the Poop?" It's all about all these different animals pooping and telling their moms about it, and you have to lift flaps to "find the poop" that baby animal left. I'm sure it has something to do with potty-training and identifying what you're trying to accomplish, but for me, it was just way too weird.

You can also see Jack in the background holding Rylan. He's such a natural.

And... mark this day in history...

Rylan Anthony Kidd actually smiled at me! (i.e., he wasn't screaming!) Yep - those are my arms holding him in this picture. Wow. This must be the cut-off age for not hating Mandy anymore. Who knows.

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