Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18

This weekend, we headed to College Station for Kyle and Michelle's wedding (one of the last of the B-Co buddies to get married. What are we going to do after they're all married off?)

This wedding had a very different dynamic to it. Since the last wedding 9 months ago, seven couples from the group have had babies. Seven! (Also, it's possible that up to three of them were conceived during our wedding weekend. You. Are. Welcome.) Five new ones (and seven kids total) came down for this one.

They were all adorable and fun to look at, but it really changed the dynamic of the group, and fast. The group's kid-count went from five to twelve this year. The size and focus of the group changed so quickly that it was almost hard to recognize it (though these guys can still pick up right where they left off - they are family).

Moms were holding squirming babies and dads were scrambling to grab pacifiers, bottles, and blankets. Vocal octaves were raised and baby talk was used. Spit up was attended to and cries soothed.

It was different.

As sad as it was to see everyone cut the evening short to get their cranky kids to bed rather than tell the same corps stories over and over late until the night, it was kind of interesting to see the transition. It's pretty foreign to us, since we're still in the "stay up late" and "go wherever we want whenever we want" stage, but it was interesting none the less.

I have no doubt that these moms and dads are and will be fabulous parents, and I love the thought of all these kids growing up together (and later, ours too!), hopefully growing as close to one another as their parents are.

It's nice to be a part of this group. Even if they are growing up.

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