Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6

Today was a big day!

First, I helped host a bridal shower for my good friend, Ashley (she's in the middle in the turquoise). It was fun to watch her getting all kinds of good stuff that she'll use in her new life with Collin.

Next, we headed to the brand new Dallas Cowboys Stadium to see George Strait in concert (with Leann Womack, Blake Shelton, and REBA!) We went with Sarah and Owen and had such a great time! (That is, after we moved sections when the speaker in front of ours was cutting in and out, producing nothing but incoherent reverb!) As always, George was amazing, and except for almost getting in a fight with some drunk people, we had a completely wonderful time.

After the concert, it took us forever to get home! It took about an hour to get out of the parking lot alone, and then we tried to stop at [Sarah's favorite] Wendy's to get something to eat, but they took so long that we finally left the drive-thru after 20 minutes of waiting to get to the speaker. Then, we found a Sonic, waited another 30 minutes in that drive-thru, and when we got to the window, they gave us the food for free! We ended up getting home at about 2:30 a.m., and we were exhausted! But it was worth it!!

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